michael proctor

I investigate speech production and perception, and phonological organization in human language, with collegues in the  Department of linguistics  and the Faculty of Human Sciences  at  Macquarie University.

In the Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) and the Language Program  of the  ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD),  we use electromagnetic articulography (EMA), MEG, ultrasound, EGG, EPG, eye-tracking, and other technologies to investigate speech production, language development, and processing in adults, children, second language learners, and disordered populations.

In the  Speech Production and Articulation kNowledge  group at USC, we use  real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging  and other technologies to investigate the dynamics of speech production -- how the vocal tract is shaped over time -- to inform our knowledge of phonological structure and its cognitive representation.