michael proctor

Current Projects

Solving the puzzle of complex speech sounds

Australian Research Council  Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
DE150100318:   Proctor, M.I.   (2015-2019)

Speech sounds that fall into the 'l' and 'r' family of consonants ('liquids') are amongst the most difficult to master, both for children and for second language learners. Liquids are complex consonants, requiring finely tuned, and language-specific, coordination of articulatory gestures, but the details of this complexity remain poorly understood. Using state-of-the-art articulatory methods, we are examining liquid production and perception in four typologically-distinct languages, to shed more light on the phonological properties of this class of sounds.

Kaytetye and Prosodic Theory

Australian Research Council  Discovery Project
DP150100845:   Harvey, M., Turpin, M. & Proctor, M.   (2015-2020)

We are examining the phonological structure of the Australian language Kaytetye, a member of the Arandic language family. Arandic languages have previously been analyzed as having unusual (VC) syllable structures, raising important questions for phonological theory. Through careful documentation and phonetic analysis of Kaytetye word and sentence structure, we aim to shed more light on its phonological organization, and implications for general theories of phonology and universals in language.

Other Research Interests

articulatory phonology,   phonological classhood,   task dynamics,   imaging and modeling of the vocal tract,   phonetics of fricatives,   Turkish syntax,   organisation of phonological systems,   evolution of periphrasis,   phonetics of vocal performance   non-pulmonic consonant production